Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My passion for games and Starcraft II

To hell with Marines, to hell with Marauders, and for the fuck of it, fuck Medivacs. The Marine and Marauder combo is honestly OP and I don't give a damn what anyone has to say. Tier 1 wins 90% of their games? Sure, fuck it. More thoughts after the break.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Traffic and the Internet

So it dawned on me that the internet and driving have some similar qualities. For one, it's fairly anonymous except for your license plate(or IP address). There are a Lot of drivers out there, folks. Hundreds of thousands on the roads at all times, and each road is like it's own forum. And you don't really have to talk to people unless you break the rules, like hitting a car, disobeying traffic laws and so forth. The police are simply admins.

For instance, if you're driving and some asshole is trying to cut you off, you can drive faster than him to close the gap and block his route. There's no real reason to do this but people do it just to be an asshole back because you don't want to get cut off by some douchebag you don't know. I personally like to speed up next to cars trying to speed around me and not even look at them. Don't even look like you notice but keep up with that person's pace the entire time.

 A crashed car or even a dent will result in having to pay money or being cross-bowed to the chest(http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15302476/). There are websites(stores) you can stop at on your way through the internet(streets). And all streets are connected in some way, right? Unless, maybe you have your own "personal internet."

Next time you're out driving, give this a thought and try to link driving to the internet in as many ways as possible.

Higher than I thought...

In my head, "What was I doing... maybe.. going to make some pizza rolls? Wait... didn't I already eat pizza rolls?" I look to my left at an empty plate that at one time held pizza rolls on it. "Nope. That was from the other day."

My room is a mess. I'm going to eat the fcuk out of some pizza rolls.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Men are gentle, honest and straightforward. Women are convoluted, deceptive and dangerous." -Erin Pizzey

I couldn't agree more with my new friend Erin Pizzey who I just met through Google search on quotations on deceptive women. And why would I search for a quote like that? Probably to go along with the image of the dying horse I added above.

Today while at work I noticed this pretty fine looking woman across the warehouse from outside while looking through an open door (wow). Anyway, I couldn't get a real good look at her from afar (even with my glasses on) but I thought she must have looked no older than 21 with short, platinum-blonde hair. Well, to my dismay, when I walked into the warehouse for the first time after seeing her I noticed that she must have been at the very least fifty years old, but with no more than a pair of crowsfeet on her aged eyes.

Here's the problem I'm seeing here. Young adolescent teens are becoming sluttier and hotter for the pedophiles. While on the other spectrum of age, the older, more berated women are doing things like dying their hair platinum-blonde (which if you ask me is just shiny grey) and going out of their way to look young. Go you for trying to make something of your life a decade after your midlife crisis. But God forbid, if I have to walk near a potentially attractive woman just to tell if she's 30 years too old or not and be let down, I might have to kill myself. But her body wasn't so bad either now.

Women are becoming keenly aware of us men, gentlemen. Don't let your guard down, or they'll be getting paid just as much as us for half the work in no time. The hell is going on.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Well, it hasn't really been an exciting day like I had hoped a Monday could be. I woke up at around 4:30pm, smoked, cleaned my car out and cut the lawn. I guess I got things done but didn't really enjoy the day.

For the most part I've been sitting in my room ( which has no light because it recently burned out) and playing World of Warcraft. Although I have an 80 warrior I'm leveling a new one which is 45 already(with heirlooms).

This post also reminds me that it's garbage night. D: At about 2am I'll be heading out for more job training on the paper route and hopefully not sucking it up. I have a time limit and I guess the old people get pissed off if the paper isn't on the porch by 6am sharp. What a life they must have going on.

Tomorrow I'll have more interesting topics to post on.

Hungry as fcuuuuuuk.

A little information

My name is Brett, I'm eighteen years old and I live in the suburbs near Detroit, MI. I live in a house with my two parents, my brother, and my sister. My two cats are Chance and Link. Chance has been around for about eleven years I want to say and this Christmas will be Link's second.

I'm an avid World of Warcraft player. Yes, the bane of a living soul! Well, it's been almost six years now and I'm enjoying it. I play on Dark Iron (US) for anyone who plays.

I just graduated in 2010 from High School and I am Not starting college yet! Right now I'm doing a little job training for a paper route two nights a week. Should earn me $70 a week for about six-eight hours total work.

I really enjoy writing so I think a blog like this will be something fun to update with both silly and serious subjects, and I hope to everyone that reads will follow me and comment and be active throughout my time writing.

First things first

I'll update again in a bit on what else is going on and some information on me.

Rippin' the bong

Man. Ripped that shit.